Lidl became the sixth favorite supermarket of the French!


The Dunnhumby company has just unveiled the 2020 ranking of the favorite supermarkets of the French. Lidl wins in sixth place!

The French were waiting for her, she finally arrives! You will probably understand, the company Dunnhumby unveils the list of their favorite supermarkets in 2020 and we find Lidl in 6th place!

Every day, the French gather by the millions in mass distribution stores to fill their fridges and cupboards.

But what is their favorite supermarket? This is what the Dunnhumby Company tried to find out through this investigation. We love !

Carried out in October 2020 among 4,000 consumers, the study therefore pits the 21 most popular brands in France against each other.

5 points then stand out: in-store experience, ecological consideration, communication management, product quality, as well as their offer, price and promotions.

We then discover that 6 companies stand out from the ranking. Among them, we therefore find Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarché, Leclerc, Super U and Lidl.

Yes, you did hear it. The very famous German distribution company is therefore one of the favorite supermarkets of the French of 2020.

It must be said that she knows how to talk about her. In addition to unbeatable prices, Lidl continues to buzz, in particular thanks to new products.

One thing is for sure, the brand has not finished talking about it!


But what is the order of this famous ranking? In first position, we therefore find Leclerc, the French food distribution giant.

Carrefour then climbed to 2nd place, followed very closely by Intermarché. French companies are once again in the spotlight!

We then find Super U, then Auchan. Lidl is therefore added to 6th place in this ranking. High class !

The German brand has been getting a lot of attention for some time. Not long ago, she made the buzz by unveiling her own pair of sneakers in the brand’s colors.

The customers then snatched the product! The very famous rapper Booba himself did everything to get a copy. It must be said that the sneakers send very heavy.

Some were even prepared to spend several hundred or even thousands of euros to complete their collection of this unique piece.

You will understand, Lidl is therefore very successful in France. The prices offered by the large distribution store appear to be the lowest on the market.

You can fill your shopping cart there without breaking the bank! And that is a real highlight. The brand may gain some places in the rankings to come …


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