Liam Payne :“Zayn was the best singer in One Direction, the best of us all,”


It’s a fact: When any of the members of One Direction release single solo, they have to talk about the group and… about Zayn. Until today. Liam Payne gave a new interview and was again approached about the singer, who left the boyband at the height of his success in 2015.

“Zayn loves music and is a wonderful talent. He was genuinely the best singer on One Direction, the best of us all, ”he told British HQ magazine,“ but to get to the point where he can’t get on stage? It’s too much. He’s doing great, I mean. His stream numbers are huge, but I think he misses a bit of performance, you know? He can’t seem to get over that part. ”

In the interview, Liam talks about Zayn’s anxiety problems – something he saw closely before the subject went public. “I think all of us who go into these talent shows do it for some reason. I’ve asked myself this question a few times because we all went through it. I was young and I joined the program because I wanted to make my dad proud. Ten years later, we’re here in this office, talking about an album and an underwear campaign – amazing, ”mused the singer,“ but here’s the question: you don’t know, until you get there, whether it’s made for it or not. ”

Liam himself took prescribed medication – which “had something to do with epilepsy, but was using it for something else.” He realized that the medicine caused blackouts. “I totally forgot who I was. And the letters. It still happens. I’m afraid of it now. It happens all the time. So we all have our monsters in this kind of scenario. But this era of talent shows is dangerous and some people just don’t know what they’re getting into, ”he concluded.

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