Liam Payne: a fan breaks into his room to steal his underpants!


Being a star is not easy every day. Liam Payne is well aware of the situation. Indeed, he just had a rather embarrassing experience …

If celebrity attracts you, tell yourself that there are certain experiences that we, little people, are happy to avoid. And yes … experiences like Liam Payne could live! The former member of the One Direction was quietly lying in bed when a fan entered his hotel room! And for the occasion, the young woman did not want to leave empty-handed. She then decided to pack a pair of underpants belonging to the singer …

An object that could not be more intimate, which doubtless made happy the fan of Liam Payne. The latter was still shocked by the presence of this girl. “I was lying there and I heard whispers. So I looked at the curtain and suddenly I saw an eye looking at me! The singer explained in an interview with The Face magazine.

Traveling in Australia, the new face of the brand Hugo Boss, so had a big surprise! Indeed, the door of her room was well and truly closed but the girl did not let herself be impressed! On the contrary! She then climbed the facade to join her idol, who, moreover, did not think to close the window!

“I looked to the right, where I had left my things to dry, and the boxer was no longer there,” says Liam Payne before adding, “There was this girl outside, who was wearing it, not even discreetly, on his jeans, like Superman. A bright red boxer, and she was wandering with it! A rather embarrassing situation which, we hope, will not happen again!

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