Liam Payne Announces The Launch Of Its First Album


The time has come for Liam Payne to start shining with her own light, after being part of One Direction, the 26-year-old has not debuted as a soloist, something that her classmates like: Harry, Zayn and Niall have done .

He has announced this news through his Twitter account, in which he expresses how excited he is to start this new project. Without a doubt, it will be a material filled with fresh things and excellent rhythms.

This album already has a release date, and Liam has made an effort to make this incredible. His fans have begun to count the days, because they cannot wait for the great moment of the premiere to arrive.

Liam and Louis were the only ones who didn’t venture to release some music alone, but Payne took that step, and we’re sure it will be filled with many successes. Now, there is only Louis, who we are waiting for soon to give us the good news.

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