Liam Payne and his girlfriend Maya Henry got engaged


Liam Payne and Maya Henry preparing their wedding? The singer got engaged to the model. The relationship between the British man and his girlfriend is a great love story and it seems that they have decided to take the next step as a couple before celebrating their first anniversary.

Nothing is known about the proposal, but it seems that Liam did everything possible to show him how much he loves Maya, we tell you everything you need to know about his commitment.


According to The Mirror portal, Liam Payne and now his fiancee, Maya Henry were caught last night in the city of London outside the Novikov restaurant, a place that the couple has frequented on several occasions as their special place for romantic dates and this was no exception, given such an important moment for them.

The singer was seen on the outskirts of the place, while escorting his girlfriend to the exit, exposing a huge ring on his ring finger that sparked the rumors of marriage between the two, apparently, the news has already been confirmed by the manager of Liam and they agreed, the British could have bought a ring that is valued at 3 million euros.


So far, Liam has not made any statements about his new love status, his fans have expressed their excitement and good wishes for the new stage that the star of “Strip me down” is about to begin, as they assure that they have seen him very happy next to Maya, with whom he confirmed his courtship at the end of 2019.

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The love story between Liam and Maya seems like something out of a movie, the model met him in 2015 as a fan of One Direction, she had a meet & greet to meet the group before their separation, since then, both kept in touch until becoming a couple, the model fulfilled her dream of conquering her favorite artist.

The two have kept a low profile since their relationship began. Maya has had a few jobs at major magazines like Vogue, but she could go her father’s path and become a lawyer. The age difference does not seem to be an important factor between them, Maya is 19 and Liam 26, but it was not an impediment for them.

One Direction fans have been excited by the news of their engagement, not only because of Liam, but because they are hopeful of seeing Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry reunited once the singer decides to hold the wedding.


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