Liam Payne and fiancee Maya Henry broke up, she turns to photos of One Direction graduates with “Another Woman”


Problems with the PDA. Former One Direction star Liam Payne is getting close to a lady — it’s just not fiancee Maya Henry.

On Sunday, May 22, photos appeared of the alleged 28-year-old Payne cuddling up to a woman who, according to Page Six, is Aliana Maula. In the photos, you can see the One Direction star hugging a woman from behind, as well as a second black-and-white shot of the couple holding hands.

“I love all the fans so much, but please stop sending me these photos of my fiance hugging another woman,” Henry commented after he was noted by fans who posted Mavla’s story on Instagram. “It’s not me, and it’s hard enough to know that it happened without seeing it. That’s enough.

This isn’t the first time the For You singer and Henry have broken up. The couple, who got engaged in August 2020, briefly broke up in June 2021.

“I’m really [single],” the English native, who has a 4—year-old son Bear with ex-girlfriend Cheryl Cole, said during an episode of the CEO Diary podcast at the time. “At the moment, I feel that more than anything else in the world, I am more disappointed in myself because I continue to hurt people. It annoys me. I’m just not very good at relationships.”

Payne added that he has a “habit” when it comes to dating.

“I’m just not very good at them, so I just need to work on myself before I put myself on someone else,” the “What Makes You Beautiful” singer explained. “I feel like this is what I’ve achieved in my last relationship. I just didn’t give a very good version of myself anymore, which I didn’t appreciate and I didn’t like being.”

Although he said he wasn’t happy about finishing something, he knew it “had to happen” and that it was “for the best for both of us.”

However, the pop star and the Texas native got back together a month later, making their red carpet debut as a couple in October 2021 at the BFI London Film Festival. Although Henry wasn’t wearing her wedding ring at the time, the couple gathered with a heavy PDA while posing for the cameras.

The former couple was first spotted together in the summer of 2018, and the following year they became official on Instagram. “Sometimes I don’t recognize this happy guy… of course, glad you brought him back,” he captioned a photo of himself and Henry in September 2019. making me realize how perfect my life really is.”