Did Liam Hemsworth really forget Miley Cyrus?


A broken heart is never forgotten, but how is it that the actor has lived the new relationship of his ex-wife?

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are undoubtedly one of the former couples who surprised the world most by their marriage and later by their separation .

His divorce was officially ruled as ‘irreconcilable differences’ and was issued in January, Liam , was the one who filed for divorce first, in August 2019.

After it became known that the couple was no longer together, on the one hand Miley has been partying and meeting new people, while Liam has been filming ‘Most Dangerous Game’, has tried to spend with her family and friends , Trying to make the hard times go by


It is said that before the new relationship of his ex-wife , with singer Cody Simpson , Liam has distanced himself from the different news and updates of the romance , since apart from that it hurts him, he is completely concentrated in his work as an actor, He is very focused on his career .

The hearts broken hurt, but it ‘s okay that Liam is given time to heal the wounds and to follow ahead with her life, Miley is already doing their normal routine, with a new partner and actor simply is taking a vacation his busy schedule as an actor.


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