Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown in a relationship: we know how they met!


The break between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has surprised many people in recent weeks. While they seemed to be spinning the perfect love, the actor seems to have managed to turn the page very quickly. He is now in a relationship with Maddison Brown. We know very little about their relationship. But People magazine has collected some new information.

When made official, the separation of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus made the front page of all the celebrity newspapers. If Liam Hemsworth quickly turned the page, Miley Cyrus did not really recover. She even thought that the actor would fall back into his arms sooner or later. But Miley fell from the clouds when her ex made him disappear from his social networks.

“She thought they would find a way to get together and she was clinging to that but Liam stopped following her and that was his way of saying he was done. Yeah, Liam does not go back, it’s sad. ” indicates a source close to Miley. However, Liam Hemsworth has really finished. He is in a new relationship with Maddison Brown.

So it’s Maddison Brown known for her role in Dynasty that shares the life of Liam Hemsworth. But difficult to know more. We do not know when they met, for example. But People magazine has been able to extract unpublished news about their meeting.

They would have met thanks to mutual friends. Immediately in love with each other, the actress’s relatives would have pushed him to take the first step towards him. These friends would have played the Cupid by introducing Maddison to Liam. Since then, the two never leave each other.

A crisp anecdote about the most mysterious couple of the moment.


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