Liam Hemsworth happier with Maddison Brown than with Miley Cyrus? We know more!


Liam Hemsworth is no longer a broken heart! Indeed, the ex Miley Cyrus lives a perfect romance with a new woman, Maddison Brown … 

If we thought Liam Hemsworth was going to take a long time to heal, that’s not the case! Since his divorce with Miley, the actor has completely turned the page! And then icing on the cake, the man spins the perfect love with another woman.

Indeed, Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown do not leave more than one sole! The two lovebirds get along very well and live a very discreet relationship that suits them perfectly.

“Live happy, live hidden”. A diction that seems to perfectly match the couple that forms Liam Hemsworth with Maddison Brown. Indeed, after several separations and a divorce that had made the buzz, Liam needs calm now. A state of mind that his new darling shares. Thus, the couple never officially declared that they were together. They do not engage in the press at all.

However, the Radar Online media reported that Liam Hemsworth was at the height of happiness with his new blonde. “Liam can not believe he’s missed out on a quiet and simple relationship all these years. That’s exactly what he wanted. He was pretty pissed off when Maddison and he kissed each other’s photos, so now they’re really trying to be discreet. “Affirms the American tabloids, before bringing more information about their relationship. “Most of the time, Liam and Maddison work far from each other, but as soon as they can meet in New York or Toronto, they do it. They love to cook together by sharing a good bottle of wine! “


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