Liam Gallagher Shared an Emotional Post


Liam Gallagher today (October 8) shared an emotional post about his new upcoming video for “Too Good For Giving Up” and mental health.

Today Gallagher shared a video for this song, which appeared on his latest album “C’mon, You Know”, and its new video on social networks. It was accompanied by a post explaining how he teamed up with the “Talk Club” for the release.

Talk Club is an organization that helps maintain men’s mental health. It was founded by Ben Akers after his childhood best friend Steve Yates committed suicide in 2014.

In his Instagram post , Gallagher wrote: “We all know someone who has suffered from suicide, which unfortunately seems to be high all the time.

“I lost a lot of people too soon,” Gallagher continued, adding, “and it’s very important to talk. I am very glad that I can help with this song in some way, and I will collaborate with Talk Club on my track “Too Good For Giving Up”.

The premiere of the full video for the track will take place on Monday, October 10, at 9:00 Moscow time.

Back in September, Gallagher confirmed that he was in talks with John Squire about creating a supergroup.

The former Oasis vocalist first talked about the idea of the pair collaborating in June, when he invited the former guitarist of The Stone Roses to a couple of concerts in Knebworth to perform the classic Oasis song “Champagne Supernova” from 1995.

“Supergroup will release LG JS,” read one of Gallagher’s tweets at the time.

Then, in an interview with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, Gallagher said the pair would “definitely” work together.

Gallagher said in response to Wilkinson’s request for new information on the matter: “Yes. A serious person. But first we need to do something, and he needs to clarify something and all that. But yes, at some point I will definitely do something general.”

Wilkinson added, “So you talked a little bit?” to which Gallagher replied, “Maybe yes. It was probably in Knebworth, and that, I think, if I recall anything about it.

“But no. They talk about the amount. Maybe. But without haste. He’s my man, I love him. So if he has any tunes to sing, I’m that boy, buddy.”

For help and advice on mental health issues:

  • Help Musicians UK — Round-the-clock psychological support and consultations for musicians (CALL MUSIC MINDS MATTER BY PHONE: 0808 802 8008)
  • CALM – Campaign against unhappy life
  • Music Support Org — help and support for musicians who are struggling with alcoholism, addiction or mental health problems (CALL: 0800 030 6789)
  • YOUNG MINDS – a voice for the health and well-being of young people
  • Time to Change — Let’s End Mental Health Discrimination
  • The Samaritans – Confidential support 24 hours a day

Liam Gallagher shared an emotional post about the new video for the song “Too Good For Giving Up” and about mental health, which first appeared on NME.



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