LG’s transparent displays in subways in China


LG’s screen division started providing transparent displays for use in China. Several subway cars in the Beijing and Shenzhen regions already have the new panel in operation.

The screen is OLED, has 55 “and an intermediate level of transparency so that you can at the same time read the displayed content and also know what is on the other side – which, in the case of the subway, is the outside of the stations. In this case, the information displayed involves diagrams about the available lines of the transport system, including integration tips and transfers, but it is also possible to display general news and messages.

The objective is to expand the installation of these transparent glasses to other places for public use in China, but the process is considered complicated because it involves the responsible companies and the glass manufacturer. For now, LG Display has not confirmed the figures for the investment or negotiations already closed.

LG has been working with transparent screen concepts and patents for years, including a 1.70 meter flexible OLED model that could even be used as a kind of virtual clothing fitting room. Xiaomi recently launched a commercial TV “Transparent Edition” with similar technology costing $ 7,200.

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