LG’s second phone under Explorer Project may ‘stretch’


LG shared a promotional video about its new phone under Explorer Project. This device, which will be the second phone with an interesting design after Wing, seems to have an extendable screen. It is currently unknown when LG will announce its new phone.

South Korean technology giant LG started a new era as of yesterday. The company, which announced the “T” shaped phone Wing, at an event it organized, started its new project called “Explorer Project” with this phone. While talking to you about this project in the past, we already mentioned that LG Wing will not be the only phone in this project. LG has released a new promotional video indicative of this situation.

The new project called Explorer Project, which LG officially launched as of yesterday, includes making new discoveries for mobile products. The company will try to develop devices with interesting designs that will be talked about in terms of functionality within the scope of this project, which is very hopeful. According to LG’s new share, the second smart phone we will see within the scope of this project will have an extendable screen.

Here is the new phone LG will announce as part of the Explorer Project

LG has not made any statements regarding its new phone. But the slogan “Hold your breath” is an indication that this phone will be quite exciting. As far as we can understand from the video, we can say that this phone will be quite interesting. Because apparently, the screen of the new smartphone under LG’s Explorer Project will have an extensible structure.

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In fact, the idea of ​​an extendable screen is not something that comes up for the first time in history. In the past, ZTE had confirmed that it is working on a smartphone that can extend sideways. However, this phone has not been announced yet. In addition, the company did not make a statement about the screen phone that gets longer as it takes it in the process. Probably LG will get ahead of the ZTE with its new phone under the Explorer Project.

Here is the video shared by LG for its new phone to be announced in the future.


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