LG’s refrigerator has a giant screen and ‘covid-19’ filter


This Monday (11) LG presented an updated version of the Instaview Door-in-Door smart refrigerator. The announcement is part of the conference by the South Korean manufacturer at CES 2021, which in this year’s edition is entirely digital due to preventive measures against the covid-19 pandemic. Following the “pandemic theme”, the new product has ultraviolet lights in strategic locations to reduce the risk of infection for users.

The model is larger than the previous ones and presents novelties in the design. To begin with, the front panel has increased by 23% and now covers the entire section of the door almost organically. It is able to show you what is on the shelves without having to open the door and reduce the cooling, as if the glass were transparent, with the feature activated from two taps on the screen.

Technologies like DoorCooling + help keep food fresh for up to seven days. The stainless steel interior panels also help to maintain the temperature.

Clean water and ice in style

The ice-making mechanism became more organized on the side of the refrigerator, which has two shelf sections on the doors to house even more objects.

In addition, meeting the demands of the community, LG has incorporated the Craft Ice feature in the new models, allowing the production of ice in three formats, including the sphere, considered ideal and more elegant for drinking.

Advanced cleaning technologies have also been implemented. The main debut is the uvnano, a feature that uses ultraviolet LEDs to eliminate bacteria from liquids and was used only in LG water purifiers. UV lights now also clean the dispenser nozzle, helping to protect users from pandemic infections, including the new coronavirus.

For now, there are no details on the launch of the new refrigerator from LG


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