LG’s OLED panels will be used in subway glasses


LG has developed transparent OLED display panels for subways. The panels will first be used in subways in Beijing and Shenzhen cities of China. The 55-inch screens will show the routes, locations, transfer options and other real-time information. The news will also be shown on these transparent screens, which also serve as train glass. Transparent screens of LG will be placed on the trains on Line 6 in Beijing and Line 10 in Shenzhen.

The South Korean company continues to work with railway companies to ensure that innovative OLED panels can be used on more lines. “Transparent OLED displays are also interesting options for smart homes and buildings, as well as for driverless cars, planes and subways. The fact that OLEDs do not need backlighting makes it possible to maximize the transparency rate. ”

It should be noted that LG is not the only company to manufacture transparent OLED panels. Examples of this technology were previously exhibited at fairs such as CES and IFA. Samsung was one of the first companies to introduce this technology, while Xiaomi recently unveiled its $ 7200 transparent TV.

LG Display’s senior vice president, Dr. Chang-ho Oh said the following on the subject: “The usage areas of transparent screens will increase. As a leading display solutions provider, we want to supply transparent panels for more industries. “


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