LG’s folding screen TV is finally on sale


LG Signature OLED R, the world’s first folding screen television, was offered for sale on a very limited scale. Signature OLED R with 65-inch curling screen is waiting for its owners in South Korea with a price tag of 100 million won.

LG, the Signature OLED R developed around a curved OLED panel, uses the definition of “the most innovative development in television technology in decades”. The screen can be partially or completely retracted as part of its flexible structure. In this way, different aspect ratios can be switched or the screen can be stored when not in use.

“This elegant design from LG frees users from the borders of the walls,” said LG’s press release for Signature OLED R. It frees TV owners from the obligation to arrange their living environment according to a black screen that is colored only when turned on.

Customers can choose from four different colors for the speaker’s wool finish. Special processing can also be made on the aluminum slot.

Although LG Signature OLED R is an impressive product, it will not be possible to see it in many homes due to the amount written on the price tag. The company, which showcased the folding screen prototype at CES 2018, announced that it will launch the Signature OLED R in spring at CES 2019. However, as things did not go as planned, the Signature OLED R’s release almost reached the end of 2020.


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