LG’s Corporate Solutions That Make Business Life Easier


Offering technological solutions to the end user, LG also facilitates business life with innovative technologies it offers in corporate life.

In addition to the technological products it offers to individual consumers, LG also facilitates the processes as well as the way of doing business with the products it offers for business life. Drawing attention with its products that provide comfort and flexibility to users, LG provides convenience to business life.

LG is also a pioneer in the healthcare industry

LG Electronics fills an important area in business life with its technological solutions from office life to retail, from retail to automotive, construction and healthcare sectors. Air-conditioning solutions offered for commercial areas, hotels, shopping malls and hospitals from multi-storey buildings, imaging monitors for hospitals, technological solutions and products for the automotive industry touch the consumers more.

Offering innovative solutions for new generation automobiles and for the healthcare industry, LG develops medical products that make it easier for healthcare professionals to diagnose and diagnose with the technologies it offers in the healthcare field. It offers important devices especially for image quality and radiology.

In the automobile market, it is preferred by the world’s largest automobile brands thanks to the solutions it offers for vehicles. In addition to this, LG, which has also developed a new generation in-car Infotainment system, will launch the new Renault Megane E-TECH Electric system in 2022.

With the integrated technologies it has developed for air conditioning technologies and commercial areas, LG offers its technologies to users in corporate life as well.