LGPD generates 1st lawsuit in the Federal District


A new public civil action was based on the General Personal Data Protection Act (LGDP) for the first time. Moved by the Public Ministry of the Federal District (MPDFT), the action challenges the offer of contact lists for marketing by the company Infortexto LTDA, based in Minas Gerais.

The company presents itself as a seller of products and a provider of digital services. One of the catalog’s offers is the list of contacts for marketing, totaling information about 500 thousand citizens of São Paulo, in a file composed of names, e-mails, physical addresses, cell phone, neighborhood, city and zip code.

According to the lawsuit filed by the Special Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence Unit (Espec), the company’s website offered segmented data according to the client’s interest, filtering it by profession – such as hairdressers, accountants, brokers, dentists, engineers, doctors, veterinarians, nurses and psychologists.

The marketing data packages were sold in values ​​ranging from R $ 42 to R $ 462.90. Due to the potential damage that the activity of Infortexto LTDA may cause, the MPDFT requested an urgent injunction request, justifying that the treatment given to the information held by the company was totally irregular and may generate losses to the holders, as defined by the LGPD.

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