LG Wing that surpasses the standards with its two screens


A new smartphone wants to make a place among the new folding trends although it does not fold, it rotates

LG is no stranger to dual-screen smartphones in recent years, but the company just officially announced the boldest design in a dual-screen device of recent times, the LG Wing.

It is a rotating screen smartphone that looks out of the ordinary, but offers a new twist on what mobile devices can do; This new smartphone is inspired by current LG trends with dual-screen smartphones such as the G8X ThinQ and the Velvet, to which is added the classic LG VX9400 rotary phone that was launched more than a decade ago.

The Wing will become the first smartphone under LG’s new ‘Explorer Project’ brand, which aims to explore ways to breathe new life into what makes a smartphone.

The most interesting feature of Wing, are the two OLED panels, where the first is a standard 6.8-inch main screen with no bezels or notches, instead we find a pop-up camera, but it is the second 3.9-inch panel that is below the main screen which makes Wing 2020 the most exclusive phone.

A different smartphone from LG

Rather than unfolding to have two full-size panels side by side or a flexible one, the Wing’s main screen rotates around and up to reveal the second screen, in a shape that looks a lot like a letter T.

LG has high ambitions for the kinds of functionality this new form factor can enable, because the idea is that when in rotary mode, it will use the main screen for any main task, while the second screen serves as a complementary window for another. application or extended functionality.

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For example, LG proposes to use the secondary panel for camera controls while using the camera application, freeing up the main screen as a dedicated viewfinder, because we can turn it around and use the main screen as a huge widescreen keyboard while we respond to a message thread displayed on the smaller vertical screen.

Video apps can use the second screen for media and volume controls, but much of this will depend on third-party developers embracing the second screen to extend their apps, and if they don’t, it’ll end up being a cool feature. limited only to LG’s own software.

The rest of the LG Wing hardware is pretty common, the processor is a Snapdragon 765G with Qualcomm’s built-in X52 modem for 5G support, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 4,000mAh battery, an in-screen fingerprint sensor. and support for wireless charging and in case you were wondering, it is not waterproof.


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