LG Wing T-Shaped Dual Screen Phone


LG announced the release date of its upcoming new dual screen phone “Wing” in the shape of the letter T with a video it shared. According to the statements made by the company, LG Wing will be announced at an event to be held on September 14th.

In a recent report we shared with you, we mentioned that South Korean technology giant LG is working on a phone in the shape of the letter “T”. There has been a development regarding the price of this smartphone, which is likely to be called “Wing”. Making statements about its upcoming phone, LG shared the date it will announce this phone with the public.

According to the statements made by LG, Wing is part of the project called “Explorer”. Expanding what the Explorer project is, the company states that with this project, they will work on unexplored features in the industry, Explorer will be turned into a new category and this is an initiative project. LG’s new project aims to reshape the existing user experience.

LG’s new phone in the shape of the letter T looks like this

LG shared a short promotional video for its upcoming new phone. This shared video highlights the synchronization feature of LG Wing’s dual screens. As you can see in the GIF above, users seem to be able to activate the second screen even while watching a video. Moreover, there is no image loss during this process.

LG will introduce its new dual-screen phone on September 14
We can not see a detailed detail about Wing in the promotional video prepared by LG. However, the company says it will introduce its new dual-screen phone on September 14 at the end of the promotional video. So soon, we will have the opportunity to get to know LG Wing, which will appear as the first product of the project named Explorer, in all details. What the phone has to offer will come to light with the event to be held.

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LG seems very hopeful for its Explorer project. Because the company has made very important collaborations in order to realize this project. LG, for example, shaking hands with companies such as NAVER, Ficto, Rave and Tubi for dual-screen technology, also strengthened its ties with Qualcomm in this process. Of course, time will tell how acceptable this project is.

Meanwhile, some claims have been made about LG Wing in the past. How true these claims are will be revealed on September 14, but it looks like the LG Wing will have a 6.8-inch primary display. This will be 4 inches in size with the second screen placed under the screen. The phone, which will be released with 5G support, is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G or Snapdragon 768G processor.

Here is the promotional video for LG Wing


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