LG Wing may come and cost more than 1,000 Euros


The LG Wing is a terminal of which we have known small details recently. It is the new thing about the Korean company and surely it is the most surprising thing it has done in a long time. Until now, your attempts to give your smartphone an additional screen have been relegated to an accessory that was sold separately. But this may change very soon with the arrival of the LG Wing, a terminal that could arrive this fall.

The LG Wing closer than we thought

If you are a car lover, you have ever seen a ‘camouflaged’ vehicle. You know, those that instead of flat paint have a black and white motif that prevents the model from being distinguished well. Those are intended for performance testing, as if they were prototypes. The same also happens with smartphones, which enter the prototypical phase to check their operation in real life.

all this serves to spin this story a bit. Do you remember that these weeks we have talked about the new LG terminal ?. If you have missed it and it catches you again, it is the so-called LG Wing, a terminal that two days ago we saw how it worked. The design seemed strange, different from anything seen so far in the world of smartphones, but it is a terminal with a rotating screen.

Unfortunately we know little about the specifications of the device, beyond what we told you in its day and that screen that makes it so special. What we have known thanks to what 9to5Google has is its price and departure date. In relation to the latter, the LG could come out this fall. By autumn they refer to the next three months of September, October and November, somewhat early dates unless the terminal is already in production.

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The other data is the most succulent of all: the price. It turns out that the LG Wing will cost more than 1,000 euros to change. This is an estimate taking into account the big names that are in the current mobile landscape. With these we look at two. Yes, two: the first of them is the well-known Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which already exceeds four digits. The second is the new jewel of Microsoft dubbed Microsoft Duo. There is still time to learn more details as well as its functions, but we will have to wait for LG to provide more data from this device.


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