LG will assist Apple in iPhone development


Despite the uncertain future of the mobile division, LG may have been hired by Apple to work on the development of the long-awaited foldable iPhone. The information was revealed this week by the Chinese website DigiTimes.

According to industry sources, the South Korean would be responsible for the development and manufacture of foldable displays for an Apple prototype. However, it has yet to be confirmed whether future iPhones will have a foldable OLED screen made by LG.

As PocketNow points out, Apple has Samsung as the main supplier of OLED screens for next-generation iPhones. Typically, LG only supplies displays for the most affordable variants.

Previously, rumors suggested that Samsung would be Apple’s first choice for producing the folding screens. Supposedly, the other South Korean manufacturer would have presented samples of displays and possible design options for the device.

However, the American company is always negotiating in parallel with other companies. With this, it is possible that LG has presented a better technology and within the expectations of the Cupertino giant.

Anyway, the foldable iPhone is expected to be launched only in 2023. In addition to the possible shell design inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr, the phone must have full support for the Apple Pencil.

LG’s excellent track record

As stated, Samsung has always been Apple’s main supplier of screens. However, when it comes to folding displays, LG is the manufacturer with the best mastery of this technology in isolation.

In addition, the South Korean brand has been giving hints that it is improving the concept. After presenting a smartphone with a retractable display at CES 2021, she recently patented a mobile phone with a scrollable screen and a second display. LG also has a TV with a “roll-up” screen on the market.

These are examples of innovations that Apple seeks to apply to its devices. In addition, the investment of the North American brand in folding cell phones indicates that these models are really here to stay.


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