LG Wash Tower can wash clothes in 29 minutes


During CES 2021, LG introduced the LG Wash Tower, which combines a washing machine and dryer in a product that promises to take up less space and deliver clean clothes in just 29 minutes. Equipped with artificial intelligence resources, the solution also promises to “modernize” the washing routine.

The tower has a washing machine at its base and a dryer at the top. The controls are on account of an intelligent panel in the middle of the Wash Tower body, which allows you to control the entire device in just one place. The differentiated design promises to occupy less space than a pair of conventional appliances, in addition to bringing more technology to the service area of ​​the house.

The washing machine features Turbo Wash 360 mode, which promises to wash clothes in less than 30 minutes, including on heavy workloads. In the AI ​​part, the Wash Tower has sensors that detect the type of fabric that is inside the machine, adapting the cycle to ensure safe and quick cleaning.

The LG Wash Tower is also able to pair the washing machine and dryer cycles, in addition to “remembering” user preferences. The appliance also has functions that can be controlled by the South Korean manufacturer’s smart home app.

More details about the LG Wash Tower are available on the LG website. The company is already selling the product in certain markets with prices in the range of $ 2,000.


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