LG unveils phone with a screen that gets longer as it pulls


It was said that LG was developing a new phone as part of its Explorer project. This phone surfaced with a new patent. This phone, named Project B, has a larger screen when pulled from the sides and reaches the tablet form. According to allegations, the phone will be announced in March.

South Korean technology giant LG has been working on a new project called “Explorer” for a while. The company surprised consumers by announcing a letter T shaped phone for the first time within the scope of this project. Authorities have already announced that they will develop phones with designs that have not been seen before, within the scope of the announcement of this phone. In fact, it turned out that LG has developed an interesting phone a while ago. Recent developments reveal what the upcoming phone will look like.

LG’s new phone, which was presented to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in August and approved in September, has a structure that can be hugged. The phone, currently named “Project B”, has an OLED display. Project B, which will bring a new approach to phones with a growing screen, has a larger screen when pulled sideways, reaching almost tablet form.

LG Project B looks like a standard smartphone under normal conditions. The secret of the phone is that it has a double bezel. When the user takes the edges of the phone, it expands the second frame and thus has a larger screen. According to the information in the patent data, the phone uses some internal gear mechanisms to provide this feature.

According to LG, this type of design is much more advanced than foldable screen structures. Moreover, the company states that the elongated design lasts much longer than foldable screen designs. However, it is not known for the time being whether there will be a problem with the gear mechanism inside the panel.

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According to the information in Project B’s patent documents, users will encounter different functionalities when they expand the screen. In this context, the company will offer more to users by using the opportunities provided by the Android ecosystem. In addition, the company states that one of the expanded screens will have a touch keyboard.

Meanwhile, LG will present a triple camera placed horizontally on the back of its new smartphone. This camera setup will include a 64 MP main camera, a 13 MP ultra wide angle camera and a second ultra wide angle camera with 12 MP image stabilization technology. According to allegations, LG will launch its new smartphone under the Explorer project in March.


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