LG Tone Free on the market with special charging box


As the demand for wireless headphones increases day by day, different alternatives are coming. LG’s headset, the name of which we heard a while ago, is finally coming to the market in other markets. Called LG Tone Free but full name is LG Tone Free TWS Earbuds, the earphone draws attention with its special ultraviolet-enabled charging box.

LG Tone Free TWS Earbuds stands out with its charging box

Headphones first appeared in the summer of last year. During the coronavirus period, when the importance of disinfecting electronic devices was emphasized, LG made a name for itself with its headset with this feature. The company provides the device to be disinfected thanks to the special UV system added to the charging box of the LG Tone Free TWS Earbuds headset. During the coronavirus era, similar designs had come by Samsung and other technology companies for different devices.

LG’s new headset went on sale in India with a special disinfecting charger. The headset comes in two different versions. The model with active noise canceling feature goes on sale for $ 410, while the model without this feature can be purchased for $ 341.

Let’s take a look at the features of the headset:

Headphone charging promises to eliminate bacteria and germs as well. The headset, which has the first UVnano cover of the wireless headset industry, is offered to users in two different colors. Let’s say that the headset, which is presented in matte black and bright white colors, contains spatial processing technology.

Both models have four EQ presets. The natural sound appears in the form of immersive, bass-boosting and high-pitched tones. In addition, when you do not want to be completely isolated from the environment you are in, it also allows you to hear some of the external sounds with the ambient sound mode.

LG’s new in-ear headset offers 6 hours of use on one charge. In addition, as far as it is said, one of the best features is that the headset offers you 1 hour of use with a short 5-minute charge. In addition, the headphones offer a total of 18 hours of listening time with the charging case.

The headset, which allows to connect with Bluetooth 5, meets the user with a 6 mm dynamic driver. The headset supports both fast charging and wireless charging.


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