LG Smart TVs OLED CES Innovation Awards


LG has just announced that it was one of the big winners of the CES Innovation Awards, an award given by the event organizers to the companies that are most able to deliver innovation, based on the opinion of some judges, showing that the launches in the line of Smart TVs it was a success.

CES 2021, despite being completely online, managed to have great prominence within the technology industry, mainly by providing moments where great manufacturers showed the innovative products to come this year and in the next, in different markets.

Proof of this is in the fact that LG has achieved prominence when launching the new models of Smart TV OLED, managing to encompass entry categories even the most premium, serving different audiences, without leaving aside the quality promised in this type of display applied by South Korean devices.

Among the products that received awards, is the OLED C1 model, whose mission is to be a renewed version within the line, with options between 48 and 83 inches, having an improved performance thanks to the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 4 AI processor, and other interesting settings that have already been detailed here on TudoCelular.

However, the awards did not stop there, as the models 83C1, 65G1 and OLED 77Z1, 77G1, 65G1, 55G1 also stood out, as they obtained quality assessments in different categories, making the technologies implemented by LG highly praised. by criticism.