LG shows preview of CES 2021 video sliding screen phone


LG unveiled new products at a conference at CES 2021 on Monday (11), including lines of OLED televisions, a new refrigerator with a large screen and an artificial intelligence washing machine. Only one detail almost went unnoticed at the beginning of the transmission: the first video preview of a South Korean cell phone with a sliding screen.

The device appeared early in the broadcast, as if it were a special transition effect for the speech by Jin-hong Kim, senior vice president and global head of marketing at LG. Closer looks noted that the device was initially shaped like a cell phone, but had the screen expanded upward, allowing for greater content viewing. At the end of the speech, the display returns to its natural size.

The first moment has already been posted separately by fans on YouTube. Check out:

This is a new experimental phone format from the manufacturer, which is not currently interested in launching foldable smartphones, but has been conducting tests with unconventional cell phone styles – such as the LG Wing, the cell phone with a rotating secondary screen. According to rumors at the end of last year, the “LG Rollable” (tentative name) will be more expensive than current folders.

In addition, the idea of ​​”hidden” screens on a base is already used somewhat differently in the company’s television concepts. Details about this model were not revealed during the presentation, but news may appear during MWC 2021, which this year takes place this year at the end of June.


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