LG Sells Rollable And Velvet 2 Pro To Its Own Employees


LG: Since it has decided to say goodbye to the smartphone market, it will not be possible for the Rollable and Velvet 2 Pro models to meet users. However, LG is said to have produced these phones in limited numbers and started selling them to employees in its home country of South Korea.

There is no concrete information about how many LG Rollable with rolling screen and at what price it is sold. However, there is clear information about Velvet 2 Pro. According to the post on Twitter, LG put 3,000 Velvet 2 Pro on sale for $ 170 for LG employees.

It was stated that employees were given the right to purchase a maximum of two devices, and it was learned that the hardware warranty was 6 months. Devices are not expected to receive software updates. Available in black, bronze and ivory color options, the phone is similar to the first generation Velvet in terms of design.

LG Rollable was thrilled with its innovative display technology, but died before it was born with LG’s decision to exit the smartphone market. It takes patience to find out if Rollable’s innovative screen technology will be seen on another device under another brand.


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