LG says it has not paralyzed sliding screen phone design


The manufacturer LG denied the information that the LG Rollable project was postponed or even canceled. The company sent an official statement to The Verge after the original report was published this week by a South Korean newspaper.

According to the brand, the decision to stop the development of the mobile phone with a sliding screen did not happen – which means it is still in production. However, she also has not confirmed whether the model can in fact be officially announced or even sold in 2021.

The LG Rollable is a phone that is part of the most daring cell phone division of the manufacturer, which also includes the LG Wing. The model has a “projectable” screen, which makes the display grow to improve navigation and content display. It was last shown during the brand’s digital presentation at CES 2021.

Will leave?
It is worth remembering that this is not the first rumor of the month that the manufacturer denied. In January, information circulated that the South Korean could leave the cellphone market after constant periods of loss. An executive denied the information, but days later LG itself confirmed that it is reviewing the plans.

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