LG reveals its LG Rollable at CES 2021


LG was one of the first companies to make an appearance at a CES 2021 event. This year it was done in video format due to the pandemic, which is good news because everything is on track, to a greater or lesser extent. In the case of the Korean firm, the different bets for the home automation sector have been shown, but the best has come at the end with a nod to the LG Rollable, its first rollable smartphone.

A rollable LG is coming soon

It is a fact that different mobile manufacturers have focused on creating larger devices making the most of the structure. This sounds crazy, but we have already seen phones that are capable of achieving this thanks to the use of folding screens. Samsung is the great exponent in the market, but that does not mean that there are other ways to take advantage of flexible displays. We have seen one of them thanks to the advancement of the LG Rollable.

Not much is yet known about the details of the device, but with what we have seen at the end of the presentation we can get an idea of ​​its structure and operation. The terminal will not fold the screen as we have seen so far, but will extend along one of the longest sides. In the video, starting at minute 28:20, this theory can be verified, but what is most striking is how the video is being played.

Apparently, when the screen is extended it goes to square format and the screen is zoomed. When it is folded, the image changes accordingly and switches to landscape format at the same time as it is closed. It is not clear if there is a way to keep the 16: 9 aspect ratio when the image is played with the screen flat, but those things will be resolved later.

No departure date

One of the things to be expected to see at the event was a date for the LG Rollable, which appears to be the final name of the device. The Korean firm has settled for leaving honey on our lips with a slogan and the name of the next device. We will have to wait to know more details, something that will come sooner rather than later. It should be noted that this smartphone comes in one of the most innovative moments of the companies. Recall that not long ago the LG Wing launched a device that stood out for having a screen that rotated on itself, discovering a square screen.


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