LG presents QNED TVs with MiniLED technology


In addition to revealing new OLED TVs, LG took advantage of CES 2021 to present its smart TVs made with LCD and LED for this year. The great highlight of the company are the QNED models, which promise to combine Mini LED technology and Quantum points to deliver a great leap in image quality.

The new QNED televisions have a panel with approximately 30 thousand mini LEDs, which deliver improved lighting and guarantee more quality in the display of dark and colored contents. The products also use Quantum NanoCell technology to enhance the contrast of images.

QNED TVs will be available in sizes ranging from 65 to 86 inches, with models in 4K and 8K resolution. The more powerful versions of the new series will also feature the Alpha 9 processor, which brings advanced artificial intelligence features and will be present in the brand’s new OLED televisions.

New for NanoCell line

LG will also update the LCD Smart TVs of the NanoCell line with news in 2021. As with the QNED models, the main changes are aimed at the game market, aiming to follow the arrival of new generation consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X /S.

The brand’s new televisions will arrive with the Game Optimizer, a new mode present in the webOS system that aims to improve the display of images based on the game being played. The company will also expand the number of Smart TVs equipped with HDMI 2.1, which supports 4K at 120 frames per second, in addition to technologies such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).


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