LG presents its new models of flexible OLED screens


Curved screens are one of the newest innovations in the field of imaging. Thanks to these types of panels it is possible to make screens with a better viewing angle, not to mention all the terminals that are coming out for the most premium range and that are already on the shelves of electronic stores. But today we have seen how LG has plans for all product ranges for its new flexible OLED display models.

Monitors, mobiles and even screens in cabinets

LG is one of the companies that has made the most progress in the field of OLED panels. The technology they use for their creation is so developed that the firm wants to take a step into the future with new applications and improvements to what is already on the market. Some may be waiting for you, but others are taken from science fiction movies (or so it seems).

Let’s start with the more that they have more application in the most common devices and they are the folding and flexible panels. The latter we can already imagine that they will be destined for smartphones and computers, while the former are intended for the image and sound section. Following this last section we find a new system of televisions and monitors that provide a more immersive experience by flexing the panel from one flat to a curved one and vice versa.

LG also offers transparent screens, perfect so that all the information you need is in one place that does not prevent you from seeing beyond it. The video that we leave you shows its application in a closet where it shows you information of the weather, the appointments of the day or the recommended set of the day.

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But we come to the evolution of these transparent panels and they are the ones that can be rolled up. These provide extra space to store the panel while not in use. These can work to suit the consumer and can be applied anywhere. But when we say this, it really will have a great presence in the future.

The roll-up screens can be automatic and can even be placed in cars. This will be a before and after in the configuration of the cars of the future, since the internal design will not be invaded by a screen, but this will appear when the user starts the ignition or someone is mounted on the passenger side, because They can be placed on the backrest of the pilot and co-pilot. What is the application you would like to have before any?


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