LG Pays R $ 37.5 Million to Those Fired in Taubaté and Ends Strike

LG, a South Korean electronics manufacturer, approved on Thursday (29) an indemnity of R $ 37.5 million to the 700 employees laid off at its factory in Taubaté (SP), according to information from the Union of Metalworkers in Taubaté and Region (Sindmetau). The new proposal also provides for the extension of the health care plan until January 2022.

The approved amount, which is 46% higher than that initially offered by the company, according to the union, will include the 705 dismissed employees, 400 from the smartphone production line and the rest linked to the production of computers and monitors. Everyone had been negotiating their terms of dismissal for LG since March.

Under the new agreement, the individual amount of indemnity amounts is between R $ 12,000 to R $ 73,000, depending on the length of service and the salary of the employees, who will also receive the payment of the Profit and Results Sharing (PLR), in addition to all statutory severance pay and unemployment insurance.

LG do Brasil’s next steps

With the approval of the agreement by Sindmetau, the strike of factory employees, which started on March 26, is over. The shutdown began a few days before LG’s official announcement that it would withdraw from the global cellphone market earlier this month (5). On the same day, LG do Brasil announced the definitive closure of the Taubaté unit, transferring the production of computers and monitors to Manaus.

After opting to close the factory, leaving only a team of 300 workers in its call center, LG was notified by Procon-SP about the assistance that will be given to Brazilian consumers who have purchased handsets of the brand. The consumer protection agency still considers the information provided by the company to be “unsatisfactory”.



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