LG, New Generation Air Filtering Mask


LG announced the wearable air purifier as an alternative to classic masks these days, when the use of masks is on the rise. However, the company has not made a statement about whether the air purifier provides protection against coronavirus for now.

South Korean technology giant LG announced the portable air purifier that you wear on your face just like a medical mask. The product, called LG PuriCare Wearable Air Cleaner, has battery-powered fans and a pair of replaceable air-purifying filters. According to the statement made by LG, the sensors inside the device follow your breathing and adjust the speed of the fans accordingly.

In the launch statement of LG PuriCare, announced just before IFA 2020, there is no explicit mention of the coronavirus. However, LG stated that PuriCare was developed as an alternative to home-made and disposable masks with low protection levels, and stated that the product was developed with the coronavirus pandemic in mind, albeit covered.

No statement that LG PuriCare provides protection against coronavirus

In the press release published by LG, there is no statement that PuriCare provides protection against coronavirus. Moreover, The Verge, which reached LG about the matter, stated that the company refused to give a clear answer and said they were waiting for all certification and tests to be completed to provide details.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier cannot even be used as a normal mask if its battery is dead. The 820mAh battery in the device offers 8 hours of use in low power mode and 2 hours in high power mode. LG did not share exact information about the price of the product or when it will be available, but we can say that LG PuriCare will be available in certain markets in the last quarter of the year.

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