LG NanoCell 2021: News And Purchase Voucher Of $ 200


LG NanoCell 2021: The new televisions line LG NanoCell 2021 arrived with news and a lot of technology involved. There are several models that present a differentiated experience of colors, immersion and sensations for users.

To commemorate this launch, LG announced an exclusive campaign where users will be able to share their evaluations about the new televisions, and even win a purchase voucher of R$200!

How to earn the $200 voucher?

To win the R$200 voucher when purchasing the new TV NanoCell 2021* is very simple! Just register your valid invoice and make an evaluation on your LG NanoCell TV until October 14, 2021.

Once your registration is approved, you will receive the voucher in the email. But be aware, this promotion is only valid for purchases made until October 7 for LG NanoCell 2021 models, so run to the LG website to not miss this opportunity!

But it is clear that the consumer needs to know the advantages of the device before buying. Therefore, we bring below the main features and differentials of the LG NanoCell 2021 line.


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