LG may be considering selling mobile division


And it seems that the mobile market is about to receive good bombastic news and that it will cause many users to be affected. That’s because there is a strong rumor that LG would be about to announce the sale of the division responsible for the production of smartphones.

Although the news is not the best, even though it is still considered a rumor, certain points lead us to believe that, although there are negatives, this process of transferring administrative power would be about to happen, since the brand is not managing to have a great prominence in this niche.

LG was one of the highlights of CES 2021, managing to deliver major developments in the TV market and being the first manufacturer to promise to offer a cost-effective OLED smartTV model, something that can make it stand far ahead of other manufacturers .

However, the part of cell phone sales continues to decline, especially among the tops of the line, which is where the most bitter brand losses, as it fails to excite users as expected, even with visually innovative models, as is the case with LG Wing, which has two screens attached and versatile to use.

The rumor is based on information shared by TheElec, in which it is described that the South Korean manufacturer would be preparing to formally disclose the sale of the mobile division, something expected to happen on January 26.

However, even with the rumors, XDA editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman reported on Twitter that LG’s international head of corporate communications would have dismissed the news as false, something that would totally rule out the possibility of selling.

However, it is important to keep an eye on the company’s corporate paths in the coming weeks, as it is not long before this possible sale becomes official.


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