LG launches TV Objet, With Fabric Cover, And Model With Wheels


LG: First, a warning to the critics on duty: there was no mistake in Portuguese, nor in English in the name of the new LG TV. That’s the name: TV Objet (without the “c” in English and without the “o” in Portuguese). On the smart TV itself there is nothing new: it is a 65-inch device, with the manufacturer’s own OLED panel and a 4.2-channel sound system with 80W.

However, what catches the eye on Objet TV is the concept. First, it’s lined with fabric: when you’re not watching it, you can simply integrate it into your home’s setting like any decorative object, which can be nice when there’s a party going on, but someone wants to watch the soap opera, for example. As the “cloth” cover is remotely controlled, you can opt for “a select curation of lifestyle functions”.

For those who don’t think “outside the box”, it may be questionable to keep a TV wrapped. Even though it’s in a fine fabric, from the Danish textile Kvadrat. Ideal for those who don’t have TV as a priority, or for use in art galleries and sophisticated spaces, Objet covers come in beige, red and green. The price is still “under the table” and has not yet been released.

Smart TV with wheels

Of course, LG wouldn’t forget about TV lovers. Another non-standard release, the StandbyME television comes with wheels, is battery powered and promises to follow you anywhere. As the battery lasts for three hours, you can even watch Dune on the balcony of the apartment, or in the bathroom.

The LG StandbyME is smaller, at 27 inches, it can be rotated and tilted. With that, the product works in landscape and portrait modes, being also ideal for offices and classrooms.

Despite fleeing the conventional market, different LG televisions can help the company to compete with non-standard models launched by Samsung. The South Korean company has The Frame line, which targets art lovers and has already sold 1 million units in 2021.