LG Launches PuriCare Mini Portable Air Purifier in Brazil


The South Korean manufacturer LG presented in Brazil a new model of air purifier that expands the company’s presence in this sector in the country. It is PuriCare Mini, the portable version of the device that eliminates up to 99% of dust, impurities and allergens that are in the environment and are harmful to health.

The PuriCare Mini has dimensions similar to a plastic water bottle and weighs just 530g, making it suitable for home use, in the car or in baby carriages. The model has a battery life of up to eight hours and can be recharged via USB.

The device arrives in September 2021 at the main retailers in the country. It will be sold in black and comes with the vehicle support for use in cars. The suggested price is R$ 1,299.

In addition, it brings Bluetooth connectivity for control and monitoring via the smartphone app and Smart Indicator technology, which shows, in color, an air quality index for the region.


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