LG launches new XBOOM RN9 speaker in Brazil


LG introduced the LG XBOOM RN9 to the Brazilian market, a new line of speakers from the manufacturer. The model stands out for its ability to personalize and connect, in addition to the various lighting and sound effects.

You can configure different light and sound effects during songs by lighting and pulse modes. You can even sync your smartphone’s flash in three different modes.

In addition, the devices feature 18 different voice effects to change songs to promote interactions – not to mention the set of manual effects Flanger, Phaser, Wah, Delay and Scratch for amateur and professional DJs. If you prefer, you can play the songs without breaks and record playlists and mixes via USB device.

The Karaoke function makes it possible to adjust the volume of the music and the microphone separately, in addition to adjusting the sound from a Voice Canceller and a Tone Changer.

To pair the device, the LG XBOOM RN9 accepts up to Android smartphones simultaneously to share music and playlists. You can even connect musical instruments and televisions via optical cable. The application that allows you to control functions and effects is the LG XBOOM APP.

In terms of power, the RN9 brings a set of two 2Woofer speakers for intense and precise bass. Bass Blast technology ensures the most intense bass.


The LG XBOOM RN9 is now available in all stores in Brazil for the suggested price of R $ 2,499.


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