LG launches new OLED 4K TVs with voice commands


LG announced on Tuesday (18) the new OLED TVs 2020 in the Brazilian market. The models feature 4K resolution, premium brand design and interesting features for gamer users, being the first on the market with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology and with a 120 Hz refresh rate. In addition, the products promise to optimize quality images below and offer integrated voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

There are two options that arrive in Brazil: the CX, with options of 55 “, 65” and 77 inches, and the GX, top of the line with a thickness of 20 mm and a single size of 65 inches. The first has prices that start at R $ 8,399, while the second, available to buy from September, reaches stores for R $ 19 thousand.

The main novelty of the GX model is the proposed “no gap” installation, that is, without space between the screen and the wall. With a 20 mm thickness, the product promises to become a work of art, similar to what happens in Samsung’s The Frame line, which was recently updated.

Remember that LG OLED TVs usually come with a box on the back that goes up to just under half the screen, while the rest of the panel is free, showing the slim design. In the new GX, this larger part is left out, and the TV should be practically “glued” to the wall.

The CX, on the other hand, bring a more traditional look, following other generations of OLED televisions. The base of the product is large and heavy, ensuring good stability to the device when installed on a flat surface. Its front support is quite elegant and occupies almost the entire region below the screen.

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The screens of both models bring interesting features for gamer users. With 4K resolution, 120 Hz update, 1 ms response time and G-Sync and FreeSync technologies, TVs should run games on consoles such as Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch very well.

This good display is also worth enjoying movies and series on TV. Filmmaker Mode, for example, is one of the resources offered by the brand to reproduce content while maintaining the quality desired by its producers.

There is also Dolby Vision IQ, which optimizes brightness and contrast considering the environment in which the TV is installed and preset numbers. The audio also deserves to be highlighted, since it separates bass, mids and treble, passing even a certain spatial notion of distance and proximity in some contexts.


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