LG launches mask-shaped air filter and more at CES 2021

On Monday morning (11), opening the CES 2021 presentation panels, LG proposed to offer the public a series of innovations in several areas dedicated to maintaining the safety of people and their homes.

Among the novelties presented, some of them are related to the air we breathe – all in the LG PuriCare category, guaranteeing protection against pollution and allergens.

“Our solutions not only contemplate, but also exceed clean air guidelines”, indicates Brandt Varner, the company’s representative, pointing out that there are products for residential, commercial and even personal use.

High-performance, sensor-controlled filters, he argues, deliver comfort “anywhere, anytime.” The big highlight is the launch of technological masks.

With the Wearable AirPurifier line, users will be able to count on a very welcome air filter in times of pandemic to keep themselves protected anywhere, receiving with them “portability and peace of mind.”

The same applies to the Mini AirPurifier family, with speaker-sized devices that can be used on a variety of occasions.

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