LG launches airconditioning that mimics artwork on the wall


LG has launched a new air conditioning model that looks like a work of art. The Artcool Gallery was designed to look like a painting on the wall, instead of an ordinary air conditioner. That way, the user can choose which paintings and photographs to put in the frame.

Thus, in addition to maintaining the room temperature, Artcool Gallery can also be used as a decoration piece. It can be found in the 9,000 and 12,000 BTU version.

“In addition to innovative technologies, the design of the products is also designed in such a way that the consumer has elegant and innovative appliances in his home or office,” says Graziela Yang, product manager in the area of ​​light commercial air conditioning (CAC) at LG do Brasil.

In addition to this model, LG also announced the new VRF Multi VS, which has some improvements over the previous version. In addition to being compact, the air conditioner gained a new capacity: from 05 and 06 HPs to 04, 05 and 06 HPs. Its measurements went from 950 x 1,380 x 330 to 950 x 834 x 330 centimeters, decreasing 546 cm in height.

According to the LG announcement, this air conditioner is equipped with an Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger, composed of a black resin coating that aims to improve protection against corrosive external conditions, such as coastal areas and air pollution. The hydrophilic film prevents water from accumulating in the heat exchanger, making the Multi VS even more resistant to moisture.

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