LG launches a smart mask that eliminates 99% of viruses


We are living one of the worst moments of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus with this third wave of infections. A moment in which the manufacturer of electronic devices LG has unveiled a smart mask that is capable of eliminating up to 99.7% of viruses and 99% of bacteria to which we are exposed every day. Once again, technology shows that it is capable of adapting to any need and now LG has shown it by launching this mask capable of purifying the air we breathe.

This model of mask has been baptized as the Puricare Air Purifying Mask and as its name indicates, it is capable of cleaning the air we breathe eliminating almost 100% of viruses and bacteria. Specifically, the company claims that it is capable of eliminating 99.7% of viruses and 99% of bacteria that surround us every day.

Ergonomic mask that cleans the air we breathe of viruses and bacteria

For this, it has some HEPA 13 filters, two fans with three speeds that make the filtered air circulate inside the mask and with an anti-fog system. That is to say, it also prevents those who need to wear glasses from seeing how they continuously fog up with the use of conventional masks.

This mask from LG has an ergonomic design to perfectly adapt to anyone’s face and reduce risks by avoiding manipulation with the hands. It has a washable silicone protector and disposable filters to offer the maximum possible hygiene. It is made of medical grade silicone, the same material used to make respirators used in hospitals.

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The fan offers three speeds so that we can adapt the air we need at all times. That is, we can use the lower speed when we are at rest, but we can increase the speed to generate more purified air inside the mask if we are walking or use it to do some sport.

It is a mask for use only recommended for adults, despite being very light, it only weighs 126 grams. A model that has just been launched by LG and is now available for sale. Of course, although it is possible to place the order, from the official store of the company they advise that deliveries will be from next February 1.

We can buy this mask from the LG online store at a price of 150 euros with the possibility of financing the purchase and paying it within a period of 12 months, although in this case we will have to pay certain interest.


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