LG is closing the doors: remember the best mobile phones


After many rumors in recent weeks, LG announced on Monday (5) that it will leave the cell phone market. The forecast is that the sector will be definitively deactivated in July this year, but the South Korean company promised that it will continue to offer continuous support to users who have models of the brand. Other segments in which the Korean operates will not be impacted.

With the arrival and popularization of smartphones, LG launched many different lines of cell phones, some with pioneering technologies in the market. To recall the brand’s trajectory, we have separated some of the products that stand out the most in the mobile scenario. Check out:

LG Chocolate (2006)
The LG Chocolate, or LG KG800, was very successful for its design and great speakers.

LG Prada (2007)
The phone was the first with a touchscreen, launched just before the first iPhone.

LG Viewty (2008)
The device was a mix of mobile phone and camera, with a 5 MP lens – considered the best resolution for a phone at the time.

LG Eve (2009)
The LG Eve was the first cell phone of the brand with Android system and sliding screen.

LG Optimus 3D (2011)
The cell phone was the first with a 3D screen and a 5 MP dual camera. Check out

LG Optimus 7 (2012)
The model was the brand’s first Windows Mobile. The Optimus line had great durability in the market.

LG Nexus 4 (2012)
The model resulted from a partnership between LG and Google, being the second cell phone of the search engine to be sold in Brazil.

LG Nexus 5 (2013)
The cell phone is LG’s second in partnership with Google and has had improvements over its predecessor. It was an extremely well-liked device from the Android community and has been in the hands of users for many years.

LG Optimus G (2013)
The G family is the most famous of the brand, with the first model selling 1 million units in four months in South Korea alone. The cell phone gained prominence for its performance after years of use by the buttons on the back.

LG G Flex (2014)
The smartphone was the first cell phone to feature a flexible OLED screen and curved design. It also had a finish that recovered itself from scratches, always being “smooth as new”.

LG V10 (2015)
The first of the brand with two front cameras, which promised to work together to capture photos up to 120 degrees.

LG G5 (2016)
Unlike its predecessors, the G5 was marked negatively for presenting accessories that did not catch and for arriving in Brazil in a version with weaker hardware. This was LG’s attempt to score in the modular cell phone segment.

LG G6 (2017)
The model gained prominence for having a dual camera and screen that occupied almost the entire front of the device.

LG G8 ThinQ (2019)
The G8 had a foldable screen, giving the user the option of using a dual screen. This was a new attempt at modularity by LG, but with a much simpler execution than that of the G5.

LG Wing (2020)
The last device released by the brand was the LG Wing, which has a dual screen, which can be used together for the same app, or for two applications simultaneously.


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