LG Invests $2.81 Billion To Supply Apple OLED Screens


Rumors suggest that LG is investing in expanding its OLED screen production chain to meet future Apple orders, says Wccftech. The vehicle cites information from ITHome, which allegedly had access to records indicating a sum equivalent to US$ 2.81 billion (about 14.9 billion, in direct conversion) to the movement.

The improved capacity is expected to reach its full potential only in March 2024, by which time the company led by Tim Cook would have already closed an agreement with other suppliers to implement such displays on iPads, such as Samsung and Chinese BOE .

In any case, the entry of LG in the scenario would enable cost reduction in all contracts. Increased competition would amplify Apple’s stock trading arguments.

Ready for the game!

There were expectations that big tech would insert mini LEDs into iPads soon, only unwanted light effects generated by the instances, due to the lack of sufficient “dimming zones” (dimming zones), would detract from the user experience. To avoid similar problems, Ross Young, a consultant to the display industry, suggests that replacing them with OLEDs is a solution.

So, the reason why LG would have decided to expand its facilities would be precisely the hope of supplying this demand, since it would be ready to sell its solutions. There are still no official comments about the case.


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