LG introduces TVs, connected home solutions


This Thursday (3) LG opened its participation in IFA 2020, in a face-to-face event with online transmission. While its virtual stand presents its main products, such as OLED TVs and speakers, the brand used the conference to show solutions aimed at the connected home. In addition, the manufacturer also spoke about the technologies used to combat the new coronavirus, ranging from a closet that sanitizes clothes to a smart mask recently launched.

Among the novelties presented at the fair, it is worth mentioning a new NanoCell 8K TV, which was even nominated by EISA as the best 8K of 2020-2021, and the Xboom Go PL2, PL5 and PL7 speakers.

During Thursday’s conference, LG focused on software and home appliance solutions, but also talked about its OLED TVs. The manufacturer’s models for 2020 bring sound and image improvements ranging from the optimization of audio in relation to the user’s position in the room to the presence of Nvidia’s G-Sync technology on televisions, which promise to be more interesting to play. According to the brand, its models are the first in the category to receive this feature, which balances the performance of the video card and display to avoid delay in images.

A television that draws attention in the brand’s product line for IFA 2020 is the NanoCell 99 Series, with 8K screen and elected by EISA as “Best 8K TV” of 2020-2021 in the 75 inch version. The product promises colors that are more faithful to reality and brings the brand’s Airtifical Intelligence resources, being able to optimize images according to content and environment around them. Its prices according to the LG store in the United States start at $ 2,999, approximately R $ 16,017 at the current price, excluding taxes.

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The OLED ZX, which is part of the Signature line, brings an 8K screen, audio power that reaches 80 Watts RMS and also features technologies such as Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. The product is the top of the line brand, and appears in the official store of the brand in the United States for US $ 19,999 in the 77-inch version, equivalent to R $ 106,812 in the current quote.

Despite the higher price and the top-of-the-line proposal, the product named by EISA (acronym for Expert Imaging and Sound Associoation, in English) as “best premium OLED TV” for 2020-2021 is another: the LG OLED GX. The TV was recently announced in Brazil and features features that promise to optimize the display of images according to the content and the environment in which the product is installed, as well as a slim design and installation “in the gap”, being glued to the wall.

Its 4K screen has interesting numbers for gamers, such as 120 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. The display, 20 mm thick, also draws attention because it feels like an infinite screen, with small borders and a single size of 65 inches. Over here, the TV comes in for $ 19,999.

Another option that appears on the 2020 line on display in the virtual tour of the IFA stand is the OLED CX, also with 4K resolution and a cheaper option among the brand’s premium TVs. Another model to land in Brazil, the CX has more screen options (55 “, 65” and 77 inches), offering the same image resources aimed at gamer users.


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