LG hints for new phone with extraordinary design


LG added an additional scene to the end of the introduction of its new dual-screen smartphone Wing, reminiscent of the Marvel movies. LG hinted at the new member of the Explorer Project series on this scene. The company’s new phone looks like it will have a widening screen by sliding it outwards.

It is not possible to find much information in LG’s post. While it is seen that only the screen of the phone is enlarged, then the sleds are closed again; The video ends with the text “hold your breath”. Then the Explorer Project logo appears on the screen. However, it is easy to see that LG is planning to launch a phone with a slide screen in the future.

LG aims to give a new breath to smartphones with Explorer Project. In this direction, the idea of ​​the company that first announced Wing to continue on the road with a slide screen phone seems logical.

It is unknown whether LG will share more information about the new member of the Explorer Project series. However, looking at both Wing and the video prepared for this new phone, the desire of the South Korean company to try new and different things is clear.

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