LG has raised the bar for foldable screens!


LG has developed a new panel for foldable screen phone models. This new foldable screen is both very thin and much more durable.


LG, which has withdrawn from the smartphone market a while ago, is still among the leading brands in panel production. The company’s newly developed foldable screen panel, on the other hand, winks at a new panel war with Samsung.

LG, which lagged behind in foldable screen technology, followed brands such as Chinese BOE and Samsung for a long time. Finally, the brand, which attacked with the expandable screen, canceled this phone before it was released. LG is now focusing on what it knows best and is returning to the market with foldable display panels. According to LG’s claim, this new foldable screen is very durable.

Slim and durable glass foldable screen in tempered protector from LG

Unbreakable, that is, tempered screen protectors, which have become an indispensable accessory for smartphones today, attract attention with their durable and thin structure. The display panel developed by LG is thinner than these unbreakable films.

Samsung and Huawei are the two leaders in foldable phones. However, the foldable screen smartphone models Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Flip and Mate X’s folds after a while, the wrinkles formed in disturbing sizes. Here, LG claims that this panel, which it calls Real Folding Window, folds without folding.

Another important claim is that the foldable screen can be folded both inwards and outwards. The panels we have seen so far have been in a structure that can be folded either inwards or outwards. LG removes these limits with this new panel.

This thin and omnidirectional folding screen has successfully passed 200 thousand folding tests without any deformation. In this sense, LG claims that this new screen is more durable than all its other competitors. This may open up new opportunities for foldable screen phone models.

Jang Do-gi, vice president and head of division for advanced materials, explained that this display addresses the durability and wrinkle problems of existing foldable displays. This new foldable material produced by LG Chem has a structure that does not need PET, that is, polyester film. In this sense, LG thinks that the screen can also be used for rollable screens.

Although this new foldable screen is very exciting, LG will only be able to put this new technology into mass production in 2022. Despite this, LG has already stated that many companies are interested in this new panel.


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