LG Develops a Heading That Prevents Hair Loss


Technology maker LG has developed a title called Pra.L MediHair. While this headgear helps people to grow their hair, it also prevents shedding.

Many technology manufacturers create subsidiaries or brands to serve different industries. LG also produces beauty products Pra.L. It owns a brand named Products. The brand has many remarkable products.

The company, which has products such as ultrasonic facial cleanser, derma LED mask and galvanic ion support, and combines technology and beauty, is now taking action to solve people’s hair problems.

Low light therapy with MediHeir

LG Pra.L MediHair aims to increase hair growth using a technology called low-level light therapy (LLLT). 146 lasers and 104 LED lights are used with this head, which aims to slow down the balding process by stimulating the stem cells responsible for hair growth.

The lasers and LED lights in the headgear, which are developed against the problem of hair loss, which is called androgenetic alopecia and commonly referred to as baldness, focus especially on the areas on the upper part of the head where balding is very common.

LLLT technology has previously managed to get approval from various health institutions. According to the company’s claim, LG Pra.L MediHair manages to increase hair density and thickness when used 3 times a week for a total of 16 weeks.

Three different uses

The device has three main usage modes. In the first of these, Total Care mode, the whole skull area is treated. Front Care mode focuses on the front of the head, Top Care mode focuses on the upper part. In addition, the device can determine the appropriate mode by examining the person’s head.

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According to the statement from LG, the company will soon organize an event for the promotion of MediHair in a public place. This device will be gifted to 100 people at these events. The official launch of the device will take place next month. Thus, the price of the hair strengthening head will be determined.


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