LG could become supplier of batteries for Tesla cars


South Korean manufacturer LG could be Tesla’s next partner in the manufacture of batteries for use in electric cars. According to the Reuters news agency, the automaker is considering an alliance to start in 2023, with expansion into different markets.

The report heard from different sources that the construction of high-level batteries and advanced technologies is LG’s focus beyond China, where it is already the component supplier for Tesla. The company also considers expanding the production chain by opening new factories in the United States and Europe, if high demand is identified and new agreements are closed.

One of the possibilities is to supply automobiles that leave the Giga Factory in Berlin, Tesla’s factory in Germany, but the goal is not only to serve electric cars from large companies: it also seeks to be the alternative for start-up vehicles and storage systems. energy.


The division of the company responsible for manufacturing is LG Energy Solution, which in turn is part of LG Chem. In 2020, rumors circulated that part of that sub-brand could be sold to Tesla. In the same period, speculation pointed to a negotiation involving the batteries with another automaker, Hyundai.


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