LG closing factory: employees refuse proposal and strike continues


LG: During a poll on Monday morning (12) in front of the Taubaté factory, LG workers refused the social compensation offer offered by the company after the announcement of the closure of several operations and opted to maintain the strike indefinitely. .

The company had stipulated values ​​ranging from R $ 8 thousand to R $ 35,804, depending on the length of service provided. In addition, a medical plan was planned until January 2022 and Profit Sharing (PLR). With the refusal, a new round of negotiations is expected.

Approximately 700 employees and employees will be affected by LG’s decisions, since only the unit’s call center and technical assistance sectors should be maintained, as will the transfer of the area of ​​monitors and notebooks to Manaus, where the South Korean will be transferred. already produces air conditioners, refrigerators and other household appliances.

Finally, there is an expectation of dismissal of more than 430 professionals from three outsourced companies that supply inputs and cell phones assembly, and the Metalworkers Union of Taubaté and Region scheduled a protest this Monday, also in front of the factory, with the objective of minimizing the impacts of closure for this audience.